Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 review

I've been toying with idea of purchasing "new tony" since last christmas. If only it has been on steam, this post could be out a year earlier. Now I own an xbox, the game was on sale, so here I am (doing everything i can)

Good bits


The engine definitely feels responsive and "solid", there're no dropped inputs, no WTF JUST HAPPENED moments, the game plays very authentic to older tony games, nice job, VV.

Sticker slap from THUG2 is in, reverts are in, walking and rolls are not and I can live with all that.

Soundtrack is in-tact, with some new additions that are hit or miss (mostly a miss). Click R3 stick to skip that MGK song, and you'll be fine.

The "new" bits

You can create parks and share them online! Yay!

But there's no "create-a-goal", so they're just parks, to freeskate. Yay..

And every version of the game has CAP content separated, so when you see some cool parks on youtube, check if it's on PS5 or on PC. Are you on xbox? Me too! TOO BAD, bruh.

Also there's buncha menus to dive in, "challenges", XP, the whole mobile game shabang where you're very busy "collecting? meaningless rewards, "unlocking" cosmetics for "Create a skater" and "Create a park" in shop. It does not hurt, so little hooray for that.

The other bits

New "realistic" lighting looks good, but plays worse than old "baked-in" light visibility-vise. Also i can't see them collectibles and SKATE letters as well as I can in older games.

Campaign is "just" proskater 1 and 2. THPS 2x from 2001 had more content. And so did every PS2 game, in 2021 releasing "just this" is a bit too little (for a full priced game in 2021)

Multiplayer is effectively DEAD only after 1 year, so you kinda buy this to play levels from 1 and 2. And let me remind you: 1 wasn't all that good, so yea..

Don't buy into the hype

Tony 1+2 is "alright" at best. I'll keep playing, and so should you, it's a "new tony" after all, but earlier this year I've once again beaten THPS4 and that was more fun then playing this for the first time ever. That's a big "Boo..." from me.

18-12-2022, thps