REST backend in serverless

I've been saving my movie ratings in movielens for a while.

Movielens.org is a service to keep a list of movies you've watched / build personal recommendations based on that. They also allow you to export a csv file with everything you've ever rated.

The contents are pretty poor: imdb and tmdb id's, the movie title and the rating you've set. To make the dataset more useful i've ran it through the movie database API to get the posters/additional meta.

I wanted to try running a REST api inside a serverless app, querying stuff from AWS dynanodb for a while. So i've uploaded the enriched export to dynamo via node script i've written, and here's what i've got so far: https://master.d19xs2obzkk1v2.amplifyapp.com/#/

The source for the FE app in vue is available on my bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/guivanrv/boys-night/src/master/

serverless app (just query operations mapped to a table) https://bitbucket.org/guivanrv/boys-night-serverless/

if this was any useful of a reference - drop me a comment or something. In the meanwhile - i'm looking into other ways i could have used serverless :)

27-10-2020, aws, serverless, movielens, tmdb