Quarantine - part 2

Still in quarantine, how are you doing, peeps?

Addressing the elephant in the room - yea, there's a certain ammount of tedium caused by this self-isolation situation we're in. It's way better in Berlin compared to other places, but yea, things could be peachier.

good news

My skateboard tricks are now: an ollie, frontside 180, backside 180 and i've landed a few shoves (without a pop). I post the clips in my instagram stories every now and then. Still skating, still kicking.

Last week was all about nosql, trying to rewrite my telegram dating chat-bot to run on amazon dynamo db. Still not quite there to release it. Watching this dude talking - helped a lot:

Once i'm done - guess i'll post something for most curious of you, going in depth on data scheme adjustments i had to do

My soundcloud page is finally live


Won't call this a FLOOD of content with only one song released but eh - i had to kick if off. I did. Achievemnt unlocked.

Getting things done is hard on it's own, self-isolation only made me less productive if anything. I hope you're doing better.

I'll be back when i have AT LEAST SOMETHING done. Till then - stay healthy, take care, don't get corona :-*

20-04-2020, quarantine, random