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Quarantine - part 1

We're in quarantine for quite some time now. I had lotta plans to post stuff, took pictures, just started projects. None of which are DONE at the moment :( i'll write this post to kick-start things, and who knows - maybe it will also push other things forward.

During last few weeks i did go to skateparks and did this workout:

Sweaty business, it gets trickier and trickier to force myself into it. Still i feel great, so no complaints :)

Since Feb 26 post i've managed to:

  • do a telegram chat-bot that sorta imitates tinder. You register, swipe other users, match em. Perhaps i'll have the source on github one day, we'll see
  • I can land front-side 180 on a skateboard! Slow and without lotta roll time after, but i'm very happy about the way it goes! Unfortunatelly my deck's tail is a bit destroyed by all the practice, looks like i'll need a new deck
  • I'm done reading Marvel MAX: ALIAS. Good stuff. So is Marvel MAX Fury and Kingpin's 6-part solo series from 2003-2004/ Garth Ennis is back to write Punisher in Punisher: Soviet. It's dark af, but i keep reading. I'm finally throygh Y The last man too (BIG EMOTIONAL ENDING, guys!=) aaand i've beaten Halo Reach. Recommend everything to everyone

What's in progress

  • There will be a clip of me doing stuff in 2019. Supercut of my action cam vids, cellphone vids, wait till ya see it (hopefully soon)
  • I sorta want a soundcloud page for instrumentals and shit. Not certain when, but i already have a new thingey to put there.

Other stuff i wanted to share Lotta things. First there's a VHS CASSETES vault on archive.org. 20k+ clips, gymnasgics VHS-es, cartoons, recordings of full-day channel runs, law-enforcement guide on satanic cults.. My favorite is Singing with Winnie the Pooh. "try a little something new" song is ma favorite :3

I've finally decided to try music streaming. Spotify seemed to be to common, so a hipster in me said: LETS DO DEEZER instead. Still running the 3-months trial, it's ok so far. Some music is missing, but you can upload your PRIVATe MP3s to their server and then stream them to ur device - i've tested that, it works fine too.

Records i've recently gave a listen and was pleasantly surprised are:

  • Loathe - I let it in and it took everything - metal with some Deftones vibes, good stuff
  • Summer Walker - Over It. RnB slow jams. Check out that "Playing games" song. Man oh man..
  • Billy Tallent - Billy Tallent II. Bumped into their live video recently. I've heard fallen leaves before - hated it. Too repetative, the hook is catchy in a "predictable catchy" way. - Yet the sow looked good, most bangers were from this II album. Give it a listen.

Also can it complain about their name choice? I've read the origins of it - there was a mocumentary, they picked a character's name. Cool. Yes there's Billy Idol, Billy Tallent, Billie Joe from Green Day and Bill from Tokio Hotel is also a Billie. Now which ones wear leggins and who's the METAL dude here? Go figure :( Confusion of the highest order

i'll wrap it up here, if quarantine lasts - I'll MAKE THIS BLOG great (again?)

Thanks for reading, best wishes :p

27-03-2020, quarantine, random