Tutorial - Setting up Dolphin to play No More Heroes with Dualshock 4

I've completed the game using this setup last night no trouble. This setup is for Windows version of Dolphin, but should be mostly the same for osx/linux

I've been following this forum post: https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-install-and-configure-ds4-dsu-mode-on-dolphin Steps from there are duplicated here, just in case the post goes down.

Using dualshock3 gotta be possible too, but i havent tried myself, and instead of ds4windows - u gotta go with whatever one uses for ds3.

  1. Latest dolphin and an ISO of a game (got mine at vimms lair)
  2. For windows - get DS4Windows if you don't have it yet, and set it up. Make sure you can CONNECT the gamepad, and it's shown in the list of gamepads. There's plenty of tutorials on ds4windows on the internet.
  3. In DS4Windows go to Settings -> Enable UDP server. See the address and port? You'll need them in dolphin soon.
  4. In your dolphin folder go to \ Config \ Profiles \ Wiimote folder, and paste this ini file there
  5. Start dolphin. Press "Controllers". At the bottom of popup click Alternate input sources. Press "Add", check if address and port are the ones from Step 3. Description HAS TO BE DualShock 4 because thats the name in ini file, this way Dolphin is gonna pre-select the right device for you
  6. If you did everything correctly, in Controllers -> Wii Remotes (emulated ones) press CONFIGURE next to Wii Remote 1, your DSUClient / Devices / Dualshock 4 should be in the list of devices. Pick that.
  7. In the same window - pick the profile you've saved (th ini file from step 4) and press LOAD


A little HOW TO PLAY:

  • Finisher attacks when you have to SLASH with your wiimote - waggle your controller. It works!
  • For the "Rotation" of wiimote - either rotate the gamepad or better press L3 (the left stick) to simulate mote SHAKE
  • Wrestling moves: For UP UP - hold right analog UP and swing dualshock 4 UP. For let's say LEFT RIGHT - hold right analog up and swing the dualshock right. and so on. Right analog UP - simulates nunchuk shake. As long as the wiimote gesture is read - most probably QTE is gonna pass. I've completed the entire game on SWEET, got the Real ending and beaten Richard no problem
  • Gym minigames are all beatable by swinging left and right analog up and down + shaking the controller.
  • High-low stance - is the angle under which you hold your ds4
  • For shmup game - i've just disconnected nunchuk in controller settings -> Wiimote1 -> Extensions. And then played it with my ds4 upside down (lol), it's beatable under 2-3min, so no worries

In case you got stuck - reach out on Messenger or via other contacts you can find in "about me" section

Have fun! It's an enjoyable game for sure. And to avoid the meaningless grind - just hack money with cheatengine, and set it to 99999999 :)

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