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List of guitar hero knock-offs bootlegs and clones

I've completed the story mode of Guitar Hero World Tour a few weeks ago. Being all emotional and moved by it, my inner "make another dumb list" itch kicked-in.

The Facts

There've been quite a few guitar hero games produced over the years, especially in the 7th gen. Wikipedia has a nifty table just for that: List of guitar hero games Rock Band series, by Harmonix had quite a few titles too. The plastic guitars, drums and mics were interchangeable between these two series, so OF COURSE there've been attempts to jump onto the fake plastic rock wagon made by third parties.

Console Games that supported peripherals

Console Games that did not support the GH/RB controllers, yet totally shared a theme with RB/GH

"Guitar Hero with a real guitar" (srsly, Rocksmith 2014 is DA SHIT!)

PC Fan-games

PC "commercial" jank

Plug-n-play jank

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