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Guitar Hero World Tour PC - Using MIDI drums (or any other midi controller)

So you want to play Guitar Hero World Tour with a MIDI controller

This guide is all about mapping MIDI signals to KEYSTROKES

Guitar Hero World Tour for PC supports guitar/drum input from keyboard, and thats what we gonna use!

The other way would require modding GHWT x360 drums brain, and I'm a complete noob in hw mods/ don't feel like buying one.

So you'll need


FreePIE (http://andersmalmgren.github.io/FreePIE/) (Programmable Input Emulator) is a application for bridging and emulating input devices.

My script

midi_device = 0
Midi = {
  'Kick': 36,
  'Red': 38,
  'Yellow': 42,
  'HiHatOpen': 46, #not used anywhere
  'Blue': 48,
  'BlueCymbal': 49,
  'Green' : 45,
  'GreenCymbal': 51,
  'FloorTom': 43
Dict = {
   Midi['Kick']: Key.Space,
   Midi['Red'] : Key.D,
   Midi['Yellow']: Key.W,
   Midi['FloorTom'] : Key.LeftShift, # activates overdrive
   Midi['Blue'] : Key.Y,
   Midi['BlueCymbal'] : Key.U,
   Midi['Green'] : Key.H,
   Midi['GreenCymbal'] : Key.J,
def update():
    k = midi[midi_device].data.buffer[0]
    if k not in Dict:
    v = Dict[midi[midi_device].data.buffer[0]]
    keyboard.setKey(v,midi[midi_device].data.status == MidiStatus.NoteOn)

if starting:
    midi[midi_device].update += update

How you run it

Paste the script into freePie, or save the script into a text file, and rename it into ghwt.py, then just "Open" it via FreePIE.

Then RUN it :) If you get an error message sayin "unable to open midi device at port X" - try changing midi_device = 0 to 1, 2 and so on, perhaps you have more than 1 midi device connected to the system.

36, 38, 42 and so on - are miti note numbers, change those to match ones on your controller. You can look up the code to note table here

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