The second unity game

Getting things done is hard

Last year I really wanted to make a game in a week - i've succeeded once

The volleyball itself turned to be pretty trash, but i'm happy with what i've had in the end of the week anyways.

I've played the two-player mode a few times since then - for a few minutes with a friend it holds up.

Purple man simulator 2020

You can play the second game here (60+ MB, make sure you're on a wifi): https://master.d20yxzke9em04a.amplifyapp.com/

Only keyboard controls are supported and i STRONGLY advise to press the fullscreen button in the bottom right.

The lights in the desktop build look like trash (they're cute cones on Desktop). I blame the default rendering pipeline. Maybe lightweight is better in browser, i don't intend to fix anything past this milestone.

The first release crashed after level 2 - this one can be completed :p

It lacks in a lotta things. The circle texture i've thrown in to compensate for cones is way smaller than FOV for guards, there's no music, the peeing mechanic is optional and there's no reward for peeing, i wish i had more levels to explore cards/barriers of different colors more, but again - i sorta wanted to wrap this up in less than a month - i did it (initial commit was on Fri Dec 27 15:45:14 2019)

I plan to make a clip of me beating the whole thing up and maybe commenting, a bit later. For now - try beating all three levels and tell me if you liked the final cutscene.

14-01-2020, unity