Bruce Campbell and Montana Gunn on Opie and Anthony

So I've been reading IF CHINS COULD KILL: Confessions of A B Movie Actor by Bruce Campbell recently.

Late in the book Bruce Campbell mentions an anecdote from his book tour, where he's been on Opie and Anthony together with actress Montana Gunn. No need summing it up, let's just say some ice cubes were involved and it makes you all curious for more. Here's the "more" I've dug up.

First, a picture posted by Bruce Campbell on his twitter

that same pic embedded

The episode was broadcasted on 06-22-2002 (that's 22nd of June 2002) and the internet archive collection of clips is missing this episode it seems (for 2002 there's a gap between June 19th and start of July).

Good news: audio of it exists.

33:30 is where the bit starts (while Schism by Tool is being played in the background).

Does video of this exist? - I don't know.

Is the "award winning" movie where Montana Gunn performs in a similar scene from 1999 available somewhere online? - I don't know.

Now i'm gonna shove this curiosity peace, for other curios people, somewhere far in my blog. If i've helped you, stranger - enjoy.

22-06-2021, Bruce Campbell, Montana Gunn, Opie and Anthony, ice cubes